Star Wars blanket (crochet and knitting)

I’m going to make a Star Wars blanket.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet as I know you’re here for the patterns (lol – see graphs below).

I’ve got the majority of the patterns from here: Ahookamigurumi

…and others from notallwhowanderarelost

And I’ve made some more – see below.

The patterns on Ahookamiguri and Notallwhowanderarelost are for crochet but I prefer the look and feel of the patches knitted.

Here are two side by side for comparison (one knitted, one crochet, same pattern, same 100% cotton yarn.

Side by side comparison

The crochet patch (left) felt solid/ hard and rough like face scrubbies. There was barely any movement in them. I held them up by a corner and they barely moved. The knitted versions by comparison feel soft against my skin, and are flexible (they collapse against my hand when held by a corner).

They aren’t quite as square as the crocheted version, or as large, but those are sacrifices I’m happy to make.


While there is a wealth of patterns on the two websites above, I have made some additional patterns. Here they are.


Copyright : These free charts may not be reproduced, distributed, sold, published, or posted (for sell or for free) over the internet or offline. Please, link back to this article if you wish to share them.

Graphs are 30×30


First seen in the Last Jedi.



The sassy droid that co-pilots with Lando Calrissian


Dryden Vos

The leader of the Crimson Dawn in Solo.

The white square (9 up, 20 along) is meant to be purple.

Dryden Vos

Prawn type alien

I’m not sure if this guy has a name – you see it playing cards with Lando in the Solo film.

Prawn alien

Kylo Ren lightsabre

I’ve used dark grey for the background, but black would maybe be more appropriate.

Kylo Ren lightsabre


From the scene when she’s wearing Lando’s cape (bringing Chewie and Han to the mines as slaves).



Cute birds (that were real life puffins) from the Last Jedi!


Captain Phasma

Gwendoline Christie’s character in the Last Jedi.

Captain Phasma

Cantina Band member 1

From the original Star Wars, the band in the Cantina are called Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes. They are Bith.

Catina band 1

More to come…



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